Oscar Chalupsky Q & A

What makes the Nelo line of surfskis different/better than the rest?

We have totally turned the Surfski market upside down with a few unique features. Firstly we have made all our surfski’s much shorter, with any colours, lower volume, lighter to mention a few differences. All our surfski’s come with wave deflectors and standard surfs rudders and weedless rudders.

Why choose Nelo?

Nelo the man himself is very passionate about surfski paddling and that in itself helps with the development of the Nelo surfski’s. Andre and I have always been passionate about the sport, and we are hugely different sizes which leads to very good match for bigger paddler and smaller paddlers.

What makes the 560 and 520 so competitive?

The 560 is a racer so is very fast in the flat but because it is so short it is one of the easiest boats to turn in downwind runs. The 520 is good mix of speed and stability.

With the success of the Nelo 560 and 520, why the 510 and what need does it fulfill in the market?

The 510 is there for people to take up the sport with not such a huge financial outlay. It has all the characteristics of the 520 but less costly.

What makes the 600 K2 so unique?

Again there are few differences it is 6 meters long so can fit into a 20ft container. It has steering in the front and back for teaching and being so short it is super light and easy to turn on downwind runs.

I am new to Surfski paddling, what do I need to know?

Most important is to realize surfski paddling can be done in any type of water. It is a stable craft that is unsinkable. If you fall off you just jump back on. It is very similar to sprint kayaking but a lot easier and much more fun.